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About Love

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Let it grow, for impatience overcooks,

Let it show, the essence of togetherness,

Let it speak, for actions tell what words can’t,

Let it settle, move on or change as it likes,

Let it shine, in solitude and darkness for you,

Let it stay, undisturbed, free, choosing its own course,

Let it be, for only time will tell what it shall become.

Just like an infant in his mother’s lap,

And a sapling planted in rosy rows,

Tend to it delicately and with care,

Let it sleep and rest for hours if it wants.

For when it will be,

You shall know for yourself.

Such is a wonder called LOVE,

An afterglow; unasked for yet there.

Growing. Showing. Speaking.

In happiness and in dips.

Indifferent, silent, retreated.

Always forgiving and kind.

Beyond fears and butterflies,

Beyond possessing and winning,

Love is all that is left,

While attraction snores noisily in bed.

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