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I have learnt...

I have learnt that there is no replacement for family*.

Unconditional, unasked for and at times necessary love.

That we find strength in the most unusual places,

Instagram Quotes, Ginger Chai and Masala Storytellers.

That there is something magnetic about childhood,

A world of carefree, make-believe yet pure happiness.

That a true friend is not the one who agrees,

But who breaks and shakes mind walls & then hugs you long.

I have learnt,

That love is more than perfect cuddly Facebook pictures,

It is in the messy, smelly, smiley, early morning kisses.

That even the worst person you know maybe kind,

Situations, biases, nurture are vital players in the game.

That it is important to forgive and wipe off regrets,

With time, deep breaths and moving, it all goes away.

That achievements and success are relative concepts.

Dad’s proud face, employee of the month, dream holiday.

I have learnt,

That silence and solitude are the best teachers,

So are college groups, family gatherings and board meetings.

That mind has an amazing place called Long Term Memory,

Able to make people, places, experiences, alive or lost.

That life is same for all – good and bad equally,

Hopes, dreams, needs, wishes crossing somewhere.

That life is unpredictable, surprising, thrilling, boring.

As long as it is, know that there will be more.

*family - read as biological or chosen family.

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