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Marathon Life

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

In these waking years of my life I have observed that most of us want the same things in life.

Especially when approaching the troublesome three O.

We want magic to happen. We all look for stability. We want things to last. We want to be sure. We want to fall in love with the perfect person. We want to be a millionaire. We want……We want….. We run North-South-East-West on some alien sands of time again. Eventually we land up sitting in our room clutter headed and tired of running.

The thing is why not stop brooding over the destination and enjoy the journey instead. Soon you’ll have your dream job and Mondays will be a pain. Or you’ll be married and will miss the carefree single life.

I say for now don’t stop. Don’t get tired of running.

Run for the fun of it.

Run to good music.

Run to the unknown.

Run towards the rising sun.

Run for the wind in the hair.

Run with a smile in your heart.

Run to get rid of the late-twenty-flab.

The fact is when we will find all perfect things, we will still run.

That’s life.

It is not a sprint. It is a marathon.

We all are in the same league, in the same jersey, running for the same things, feelings, dreams.

So, take a gulp of silence or simply water. Recharge. Take charge. See if you have the right energy with you. Wear that smile and start again. Even if you see no soul around, believe that you are looked upon by prayers and well-wishes.

Bless them all and run.

Run for your present.

Run with the right stride.

Run as if you don’t care what path it is.

Run not to win but just for the joy of it.

Run like a lover catching a last glimpse of his sweetheart.

Run like you are running for LIFE!

Picture Credit : Joe Caione / Unsplash

Picture Credit: Paul Buffington / Unsplash

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