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The Perfect Bio But Make It Poetry!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

They say she is a mess. She says she is well-mixed.

Living a life of contrasts. Entwined with simple complexes.

A child at heart. A woman in the making

Dreamer by talks. Idealist by nature.

Some chase the animal in her. She chases the human in them.

Philosophical yet foolish. Especially with her pink shades on.

She wears her heart on her sleeves. Loves the high that LOVE gives.

It has been tossed turned burnt. Yet she gives in to her instincts.

They say she changes every second. A Mad woman, Happy chatterbox.

Smiling Marlin Munroe, Sad mumbler, Crazy babbler.

Seductive, Sexy fantasy. Plain dreamy girl next-door.

She wears many layers. Never on her face and talks.

Finds honesty attractive. Yet she chooses her own words wisely.

She loves cooking. Food, brains, stories.

Oodles of cheese and grins later, they still feel her flavors lingering.

They say she has a haunting smile. She still looks for it to reach her eyes.

She hated uncertainty, incompleteness. Waited long by life’s window to be complete.

Finds imperfections amusing. Whatever feels warm to her heart.

Now she knows perfection has edges while she loves the curves of progress.

Her wobbly little steps exploring the confidence loving world.

She is so much yet nothing like you have seen before.

One moment she loves you. Next moment she gets over you.

Her wandering half heart fit his smiling little half heart .

Magic brewing between their perfect fit. Smiles growing deeper.

They say she is spoiled.

They say she is angelic.

They say she is spring.

They say she is twilight.

She never cared for what they said. She rides on life chasing Sunshyn.

She gets impatient wants it all. The good, bad, ugly, okay, rejected.

She amuses me by her ways. Makes me fall for her every day.

She is my secret fantasy.

She writes, mostly for herself.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

A little bit of everything good and bad.

She is much, much more than they can ever find out.

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